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EHC Buffalo is one of the oldest and most advanced centers in the world addressing health and disease as it relates to the environment. This practice is very sophisticated and provides personalized treatment.

According to Dr. Patel who founded this Clinic in 1984, various exposures may cause physical and mental disorders including but not limited to sleep disturbance, learning disorders, blood vessel, colon and bladder inflammation, as well as a host of other inflammatory problems. The “environment” involves all of our surroundings, including everything we breathe, eat, or touch. It consists of thousands of substances we are exposed to everyday, but often do not even know that they exist. They are substances like the air-pollens, molds, and animal dander in the air, machinery, carpets, cleaning supplies, perfume, and smog produces chemical by-products.

Our bodies are being filled with a variety of stressors, including biological, chemical, emotional and physical. As long as the amount of stress factors, stay within a range of our body’s tolerance, the body can manage it and everything is fine. But, when the load becomes more than what our bodies can handle, the body starts reacting which is represented physically as symptoms.

New patients begin by completing a detailed patient questionnaire and meeting with the physician. Lab tests are often recommended, as is sensitivity testing. In the latter, the patient is exposed to or injected with low levels of various substances which help to identify the cause of their sensitivity. Testing method is intradermal and we use serial end point titration or provocation neutralization method depending upon the incriminating agent to derive the precise dose of antigen that would help to relieve symptoms and enhance tolerance.

AEHC-Buffalo allergy testing and treatment.

  • Nothing is mixed with the allergen except normal saline.
  • In many cases, only one item is in the testing solution, for example, dust mite or Cladosporium fulvum, a mold.  In some instances, several trees or several weeds are mixed together to skin test.
  • Allergy shots are self-injected every 4 days.
  • The treatment dose depends entirely on your skin testing of the item.
  • The treatment dose is a dose to which you have shown no skin or symptom response.

The intradermal testing is of two types, serial endpoint titration, and provocative neutralization. In P-N testing patient is challenged with a stronger but not dangerous dose and given progressively weaker dilutions until one shows no skin or symptom response.  This is the individualized treatment dose to this specific allergen.  It does not change until skin testing would indicate a change.

When the triggering agents are pinpointed, the physician determines an individualized program to help each patient achieve a state of maximum health. This program includes educating patients about their sensitivities, nutrition and environmental exposures as well as getting them actively involved in their treatment. Some patients also receive immunotherapy, a specialized type of vaccine treatment that may provide substantial relief.

Environmental medicine physicians are continually expanding their knowledge through research, which is a staple at the clinic. In the last few years Dr. Patel has co-authored the medical textbooks, Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume1- Regulating Mechanisms of Chemical sensitivity; Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume2-The effects of Environmental pollutants on the organ systems ; Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume3-Clinical Environmental Manifestations of the Neurocardiovascular systems; Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume 4-The Environmental Aspects of Chemical Sensitivity; Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume 5-Treatment Options Of Chemical Sensitivity .


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