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Institute of chronic disease management for wellness is a premier medical facility located in Buffalo, New York, (with more locations coming soon) providing advanced, research-based alternative, integrative, regenerative treatment including conventional medical treatments to national and international. patients needing to recover from the most complex cases of chronic illnesses including care for chronic degenerative joint disorders and neuropathy We also provide complimentary cancer care, She also provides supportive cancer care to those who are under the care of a conventional oncologist.
At Our institute we practice Environmental and integrative medicine, combining the best of western medicine and eastern including natural medicine. The foundation of Environmental diseases is to evaluate the environment, then modify it as required by finding the problem. Then provide comprehensive -personalized medicine management. It is inclusive of physical examination, diagnostic workup followed by Precise personalized treatment.
Our typical patient has undergone treatment from multiple doctors at specialized Lyme clinics nationally and internationally and at wellness centers. But they have failed to restore and regain their health. These complex patients suffer from multiple undiagnosed medical disorders. They require a more comprehensive history, diagnostic workup, and more intensive treatment than is available through routine “wellness” medicine clinics.

AEHC-Buffalo allergy testing and treatment.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Patel, MD is an environmental integrative and functional medicine physician who attempts to create a road map of the treatment plan and prioritize treatment through her 50 years of experience. Her diagnostic workup looks for many biomarkers of chronic diseases related to the patient at the time of the first consultation. Dr. Patel’s goal is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your multiple symptoms developed over time.
The majority of the patients at our institute require simultaneous treatment for multiple medical disorders.
Our Environmental Medicine specialty provides a comprehensive treatment Program. We identify the cause, modify the environmental causes, identify nutritional deficiencies and confirm by the tests, look for food and chemical – EMF sensitivities in complex patients. We treat for many conditions varying from chronic rhino-sinusitis, chronic headaches and migraine, chronic asthma- nonresponsive to conventional medical treatment, allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, mold – pollen sensitivity – food intolerance or sensitivity- IBS, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, hormone sensitivity, PMS, ADD, ADHD, chemical-induced- related problems, EMF sensitivity and many more. Conditions. We have a drug-free approach. We have immunotherapy treatments that are self-directed, sublingual, or injectable, LDA- Low Dose Antigen treatment, LDI- Low dose immune therapy. You do not have to travel weekly to get your allergy shot as we have a state-of-the-art new treatment that is safe and effective.
For Chronic Lyme disease management, Dr looks at the whole body and evaluates how the disease has Progressed and has triggered autoimmune activation as well as caused mitochondrial and immune dysfunction. She has a multiprong approach that involves Stimulations of mitochondrial function which increases ATP production and also treats for immune system dysregulation. Then she treats the patient to modulate the immune system and increase the killing power of the immune system’s natural killer cells. When indicated by the presence of autoantibodies she looks for autoimmune conditions or just the activation. This is accomplished by reversing toxin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction, immune dysfunction and enhancing detoxification. Chronic Lyme disease is a disorder of the immune system and mitochondria with detox disorder and not just the infection of spirochetes.
Dr. Patel’s mission is to help the patient feel better. It is a great pleasure seeing your patient transform from being very sick to feeling healthy again.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Don’t wait for your relief, it is finally here for you.


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