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What is Nanomedicine? 

Nanomedicine has developed over the years with the primary goal being to treat cancer more effectively. 

Nanoparticles can be found throughout the entire body, we can collect these from your own body, to deliver the cancer medicines to the tumor site more rapidly. 

It takes 12 years for something to get from the laboratory, to your medicine cabinet, Nanomedicine can be available to you with access to the right practitioner. 

Every 5 seconds someone dies of cancer , The promise of nanomedicine is to slow that down significantly. 

More and more people are dying every year from cancer, even after being treated with the cutting edge therapies available 

We can load cancer therapies into Nanoparticles that will deliver the therapies directly to the location that needs them most. 

The practice of Nanomedicine is a personalized, targeted, specific, systemic treatment. 

Nanoparticles are used for DDS (Drug Delivery System) to directly deliver drugs to the diseased or damaged tissue and cancer cells 


How do Nanoparticles deliver medicine so effectively? 

Nanoparticles have an extensive toolbox. Making them useful for many common issues we face with traditional cancer treatments: 

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapies
  • Gene expression modulators
  • Immunotherapies
  • Apoptosis inducers
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors
  • Signal transduction inhibitors 
  • Therapeutic vaccines
  • Gene Therapy 

More and more often we are seeing “Drug Resistant Cancers” 

Meaning that the cancer that has developed is resistant to traditional treatment options. 

When you package cancer medicines inside Nanoparticles, they are proven to be more effective. 

Another issue is….Cancer drugs without nanoparticles are washed out of the body quickly by the kidneys, many times they dont even end up inside the tumor that they need to be in. 

If they aren’t washed out by the kidney, they can be removed by the liver.

But, if we put these cancer remedies inside nanoparticles, they will remain in the bloodstream longer, because they are too big to be filtered out by the kidneys, giving them more time to circulate the body and treat the tumor they are designed to treat. 

Imagine that the cancer drugs are firemen, and the tumor is a fire. 

If you send the firemen on foot to find every fire, they are likely to get tired, lost, or arrive late, when the fire has already consumed the building 

But if you put those firemen in a firetruck (nanoparticles) with a GPS, it allows them to find the fire much faster, efficiently, and put out the fire quicker. 

Nanoparticles also protect the cancer medicines from strong enzymes in the body that can break down the drugs quickly. Allowing the drugs to stay longer to do their job. 

Today, there are 10 clinically accepted types of Nanoparticles. 

They have been shown to increase potency of Cancer medications 

They have been shown to improve efficacy of Cancer medications and reduce cellular resistance for chemotherapy 


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