How You Can Heal Yourself With Regenerative Medicine

Do you wake up every day and find yourself rolling out of bed, instead of sitting up like you used to? Are you plagued with aching joints and a back that seems to hurt every single day? Do you wish that you could feel like you did when you were young, only without having to resort to surgery?

There is an option – regenerative medicine – that allows you to heal yourself.

Many People Live with Pain

Too many people live with daily pain. They get up in the morning with sore knees, a hurt back, painful wrists, or any other number of issues. If this happens every single day, then you get used to it. The daily dose of NSAIDS, the limited mobility, the constant aches and pains, and the need to consistently ice and
wrap your sore and aching joints easily become routine.

After a certain point in time, you forget what it felt like to not be in pain. You’re so used to hurting that you may not completely feel it anymore. However, you don’t need to continue living like this. You have an option that can help you heal yourself – literally.

Regenerative Medicine

This therapy uses cells harvested from your own body – a combination of platelet-rich plasma, adipose (fat) cells, and cells from your bone marrow that are put together in a way that turns them into blank cells.

Once these blank cells are ready, they are injected into the body in the area where your pain is the worst. This is usually a hip, the knee, or even an ankle, depending on where the osteoarthritis occurs.

From there, these blank cells determine where they are needed, where your injured areas are, such as the cartilage, bone, or muscle, and then they become the types of cells that are needed to repair them. With this form of therapy, the worn down cartilage in your knee, for example, can repair itself.

Your Body Heals Itself

Although your body receives an assist from a trained physician in the form of these stems cells, it essentially repairs itself.

This is much less invasive than surgery, which carries a lot of risks, including reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, and a longer recovery period. Since some people won’t be able to undergo surgery in the first place, due to underlying medical conditions, regenerative medicine is the best option.

Of course, before this treatment is utilized, you’ll need to go through some additional ones as well, including things like physical therapy. While they aren’t as interesting as being able to tell people that you essentially healed yourself, they do have a good track record of success.

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