Toxic Mold & Mycotoxin Syndrome Survey

Mold and mycotoxin induced illness may remain undiagnosed for many years robbing many years of your life from sickness and suffering. You may have seen more than four health care practitioners.

The dangers of Toxic Mold induced disorders are not well known. Do you know how to recognize that your sickness is resulting from hidden toxic mold exposure?

Toxic mold related illness is the one of the most leading cause of preventable disease. In USA alone we have more than a million people suffering from the harmful effects of this Toxic mold and mycotoxin.

This can result in many serious health conditions including Toxic brain to Cancer.

As dangers of Toxic mold are not well known, conventional physicians are not trained to diagnose this condition, thus easily missed. You may learn how to diagnose yourself by learning from the following questions. We are trained to diagnose this condition and treat it very skillfully.

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