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The majority of EHCBUFFALO patients require simultaneous treatment for multiple medical disorders including mold poisoning, mold sensitivity, mold allergy, Industrial chemical exposure-related sensitivity and Toxicity, food sensitivities and mold or mycotoxin related gut toxicity, chronic Lyme Disease and Lyme disease-associated autoimmune diseases, and brain toxicity issues, Bartonella, Babesia, Chronic Mycoplasma infection, Protozoa infections, and intestinal parasites and many more conditions like neurodegenerative disorders.
To more effectively treat patients with Lyme disease, Dr. Patel uses experience acquired from working 50 years in chronic diseases and infection-related autoimmune diseases. She has great expertise in treating infectious organism-related sensitivities manifesting in many organs. Her extensive comfortable experience in the treatment of all environmental diseases is very helpful in providing treatment to many complicated patients. She is board-certified in specialties; Environmental medicine, Chelation therapy, Regenerative Medicine, and Pediatrics.

She has expertise in the treatment of brain and neurological disorders through the practice of Regenerative and environmental medicine. She also provides state-of-the-art complementary cancer care to those who have been told that nothing more can be done or when one does not want to have conventional chemo and radiation treatment. She has a special Laser light therapy unit where laser light therapy is provided to sick and healthy as a preventative treatment.
Dr. Patel has been recognized throughout the world as a leader in Environmental Medicine which comprises integrative, functional, and nutritional medicine. She is a co-author of a five-volume book on the Reversibility of chronic degenerative diseases and chemical sensitivity. Her practice involves Treatment of any diseases that involve neuro- immune- – autoimmune- endocrine disorders. She is an expert In photobiomodulation treatment which involves mitochondrial Rejuvenation treatment. She has integrated her expertise in the alternative treatment of anxiety- depression where the drug approach has failed. She uses different personalized medicine treatment modalities. She treats the vast majority of conditions that afflicts populations from pediatrics to geriatrics.

She is a National and international speaker for many subjects varying from Lyme disease- mold and mycotoxin-related issues, mitochondrial Rejuvenation and environmental aspects to many diseases.
She is also a radio show speaker to empower the community with the knowledge of different diseases that afflict young and older.