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Major Autohemotherapy Or Ozone Therapy

Major Autohemotherapy / Ozone Therapy has tremendous health benefits for the body.

Ozone (oxygen with an extra molecule – O2 + O)

Exercise in a bottle; This increases the blood oxygen levels throughout the entire body.

This treatment stimulates cytokine and interleukin production by the immune system.

Ozone is three atoms of oxygen (O3) while oxygen is two atoms of oxygen (O2). The atmosphere enveloping the surface of the earth is approximately 21% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen, and very small concentrations of other gases like CO2 and some of what are referred to as noble gasses, like helium and argon.

Pollutants, like S02, NO2 and CO contaminate the atmosphere in volumes which exceed 2000 X 10 to the sixth tons. When the ultraviolet light of the sun penetrates oxygen (O2) at a certain angle, the two atoms are split and become “singlet oxygen”, which are highly reactive and quickly attach themselves to a stable O2 to become an O3. The O3 is also quite unstable and so, two O2 molecules become three O2 molecules.

The period of time that the O3 exists before it becomes O2 is extremely brief but it is happening at such an incredibly high rate in such high volumes that there is an ozone layer in the lower part of the stratosphere, about 15 or so kilometers above the earth. The ozone deflects much of the harmful UVB light and life would not be possible without ozone in the atmosphere.

Ozone Therapy Benefits Against Cancer

Ozone was discovered in 1840 and used medically by the end of the 19th century. Medical uses of ozone became fairly common in the early 20th century and it predated the advent of the FDA so it is “grandfathered” in as acceptable.

When ozone is mixed with an equal amount of blood and it is gently swirled, the ozone is converted into oxygen, so that the blood has a concentration of around 33% more oxygen than normal, which is not possible by even exercising while wearing an oxygen mask. Also, the white blood cells produce cytokines and interleukins in response to ozone.

Those are immune modulating substances that enhance the entire immune system. So, when the blood is given back to the person, they are highly oxygenated and their immune systems become supercharged. For these reasons, medical ozone specifically works to produce an oxygen-rich environment, in which cancer cannot survive and it also stimulates the recruitment of more cytotoxic lymphocytes to eliminate cancer and other chronic conditions, like microbial infections and other causes of chronic inflammation.

Minor Autohemotherapy

People diagnosed with cancer have cancer cells circulating in their blood. The goal with Minor Autohemotherapy is to develop a fast response by the immune system by enhancing its capability and functionality.

To create this fast response we withdraw 10 cc’s of blood then add 10 cc’s of ozone to the syringe containing the blood. Then the syringe is shaken briskly. This produces the end result we are looking for as the cancer cells are broken into a multitude of minuscule pieces.

An injection into your muscle is then administered with the contents of the syringe. It will feel the same as any other shot given, nothing different. An inflammatory response is produced by the body as a result of the intramuscular injection.

What this means is the macrophages and other immune cells or white blood cells encase these minuscule pieces and create an immune response. However, this is completely different as there are several hundred minuscule pieces, not what is normally just the outside of the cancer cell.

Ultimately, what the immune system produces is several hundred various types of antibodies and excrete immune boosting interleukins and cytokines on top of what it normally produces with the whole cell on its own. This boosts the immune system’s ability to eliminate cancer tremendously. This is administered three times a week.


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