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As of now, there is not an FDA-approved test or treatment for Post Covid 19 aka Chronic Covid complex.

We do treat many complex conditions. Many symptoms of chronic Covid are similar to some of the other conditions we treat.

We offer consultations first, to determine what the cause of the symptoms may be, then depending on your symptoms we offer diagnostic blood tests, etc. to confirm the diagnosis.

Our service may use  “off-label” (approved for another diagnosis) FDA-approved treatments.  Hence this is considered experimental. We at  BUFFALO are  MD overseeing your treatment and management. You will get personalized medical care with direct supervision.

Many people with Long Haulers feel trapped and hopeless, battling fatigue, memory problems, brain fog, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other baffling symptoms daily. If you can relate, we can help you get your life — and precious health back. We will treat a wide range of Long Hauler issues related to Immune Dysregulation, Neuroinflammation, & Micro Clotting”

We do have many options for our treatment and will personalize what is optimal for you.

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