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How can NAD+ Therapy help you?

  • Boost Energy
  • Relieve Chronic Pain
  • Manage Anxiety
  • Aid in Weight Loss
  • Anti-Aging
  • Addiction
  • Improve Brain Health


Our cells are little machines that make the human body operate. Each individual cell must do its part in creating energy in order for our bodies to live and breathe, so we can think, sleep, move, exercise, think, drive, and make decisions. A cell must use nutrients to make energy and expel waste for our body to be able to carry out simple functions. It is like taking in a breath. We take in air, create energy with the oxygen and then expel waste in the form of carbon dioxide. The same process takes place on a microscopic level with each individual living cell.

NAD+ is an essential coenzyme for the processes of each living cell and their ability for cellular respiration. Coenzyme is a term used to describe a molecule that is similar in function to a vitamin required by enzymes to perform and function. NAD+ serves key functions in all living cells and its effects are more apparent in certain organs. NAD+ serves as an essential coenzyme for many different proteins (enzymes) in a cell regulating metabolism, energy production and DNA to name a few. Life would not be possible without NAD+ and by supplementing with NAD+, it has been our experience at NAD Treatment Center-EHC Buffalo that one’s quality of life is enhanced with NAD+ supplementation.

Key Functions of NAD+ In Cells


NAD+ is critical for energy production in the mitochondria.
At our EHC Buffalo, we use NAD+ to address mitochondrial dysfunction due to mold, chronic Lyme, nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions.
In fact, maintaining a healthy amount of NAD and a balanced ratio of NAD/NADH is essential for optimal mitochondria function. How much NAD+ a cell makes and stores in the mitochondria for this essential function of energy production is influenced by one’s internal and external environment. Meaning, stress within the body from a nutritional deficiency or inflammation, or stress from the external environment may influence the amount of NAD+ available in the mitochondria.
Sirtuin 1 plays a major role in mitochondrial function and health. NAD+ is an essential coenzyme for Sirtuin 1, meaning it is dependent on the presence of NAD+ to be able to work. Not only is it an essential co-enzyme, but it is a rate-limiting factor, meaning the efficiency of the Sirtuin 1 protein is limited by the amount of NAD+ present. Studies have shown that by increasing levels of NAD+, the activity of this Sirtuin 1 portion is increased. This is a major reason for the improved function and efficiency of the mitochondria in energy production with increased amounts of NAD+ in one’s cells. At EHC Buffalo, many people with mitochondrial dysfunction for various reasons have experienced significant shifts in their health with NAD+ treatments and supplementation.


NAD+ is also a critical coenzyme for proteins involved with preservation of our DNA . At EHC Buffalo, patients receive NAD+ treatment and supplementation for anti-aging and longevity properties through its effects on the DNA.
Poly-ADP-Ribose Polymerases (PARP) is an important enzyme that protects our DNA. Inflammation and oxidative stress can cause breaks in our DNA and Poly-ADP-Ribose Polymerases. These breaks are found in the cell during times of increased inflammation and oxidative stress. The enzyme PARP uses NAD+ to repair these DNA breaks.
Large amounts of DNA damage and breaks leads to overuse of Poly-ADP-Ribose Polymerases can be one reason for NAD+ depletion in a cell. This can progress to a cell activating its cellular suicide mechanism in response to inflammation.


NAD+ is a critical coenzyme in several different pathways that all affect metabolism. From pathways including glycolysis (metabolism of carbohydrate), B-oxidation (metabolism of fats), and oxidative phosphorylation (using oxygen and oxidation to make ATP).
Studies have shown that decreased levels of NAD+ in the cells and mitochondria can result in many problems with metabolism and metabolic diseases.
Those who come to EHC Buffalo for treatment can expect to feel an improvement in their metabolism with NAD+ supplementation.


NAD+ is part of a complex network of signaling pathways. Signaling pathways are ways that cells signal or communicate messages to other cells and to different proteins or areas in the same cell.
One of the important signaling pathways involved is a NAD+ dependent calcium signaling pathway.
Some of these pathways affect the stability of the DNA, life span and survival of the cells and the progression or prevention of disease.
Cells regulate the production of NAD+ and NAD+ levels in both pools inside the cells (cytoplasmic) and inside the mitochondria. This is one way that cells use NAD+ for signaling. All of the enzymes that depend on NAD+ for them to function respond to the levels of NAD+. When levels are low, there is a low activity of those enzymes. Increasing levels of NAD+ signals to these proteins also increase their activity.


With NAD+ being one of the top anti-aging treatments, many patients at EHC Buffalo come specifically for reasons of longevity and quality of life. They are in good health and want to maintain that through their treatments!
As the life activity slows through the process of aging, NAD+ levels decline. This is associated with and plays a crucial role in the decline in metabolism and development of diseases that are age-related.
Studies have shown the benefits of increasing the levels of NAD+ in the cell does prolong the life of the cells and the quality of health.

Frequenly Asked Questions

How does NAD+ improve anti-aging?

NAD+ was discovered to have effects on the DNA and how it protects the coding of the DNA. NAD+ levels in the cells decline with age and this plays a crucial role in the development of slower metabolism and age-related diseases. One of the aging processes includes the slow breakdown of the original DNA code. NAD+ helps to preserve DNA through its effects on the proteins (sirtuins and polymerases). When the original DNA code is better preserved, our cells continue to make proteins that are in their healthiest form. Of all the anti-aging supplements, NAD+ has climbed to the top anti-aging supplement.

How does NAD+ treatment boost brain health?

The brain uses more energy than any other organ in our body. Although small, it is responsible for consuming 20% of the total energy produced. By providing more of the cofactor NAD+, brain cells are able to operate much more efficiently. NAD+ benefits the neurons and the cells that support the neurons, allowing your brain to perform at top notch efficiency with NAD+ supplementation.

Does NAD+ help someone with an alcohol or drug addiction?

We have discovered the benefits of NAD+ for addiction and recovery. The body requires a large amount of energy for repairing itself and restoring health after a dependence on a substance. NAD+ is an important tool in the detox and recovery process. It helps address withdrawal symptoms and restores cellular health and balance as quickly as possible.

Can NAD+ help someone suffering from depression?

Depression can result from a number of causes. NAD+ has been an effective tool to restore health without always knowing the root cause of depression. NAD+ helps all the cells in the body and the brain do what they do, just better. The cellular imbalances can be improved to create a better state of physical and mental health.

How frequently can you recieve NAD+ treatments?

NAD+ is a very safe treatment. The frequency will be determined by the condition you have. Some people receive NAD+ once every few weeks to a few months, and others do it daily. There are different forms of NAD+ supplementation. The mixture of different kinds are dependent upon the condition and what combination is most likely to give you the best results.


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