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Your neurological system is responsible for every function in your body, so when something affects it, it’s no exaggeration to say that the effects can be both far-reaching and life-altering. At Environmental Health Center–Buffalo (EHC Buffalo), Dr. Kalpana Patel puts her training in environmental and integrative medicine to excellent use when it comes to neurological disorders, helping her patients in and around Buffalo, New York, better manage a number of incredibly debilitating and frustrating chronic conditions. To learn more about the innovative treatments for neurological disorders at EHC Buffalo, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment or call for phone consultation.

Neurological Disorders Q & A

What constitutes a neurological disorder?
A neurological disorder affects your nervous system, which is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Every move you make, emotion you feel, word you utter, and breath you take is controlled by your nervous system.

Because of the enormity of this system, which reaches every single part of your body, a disorder can strike anywhere and at any age.

Neurological disorders may be present in your genes, sentencing you to a lifetime of problems, while others can develop with age. In still other cases, damage to your nervous system through trauma, a stroke, or an infection can lead to a neurological disorder.

How a neurological disease plays out depends upon where, and to what extent, your nervous system is compromised. Some people may experience memory loss, as is the case with Alzheimer’s disease, or with pesticide and chemical exposure at the ambient air level concentration, while others have seizures such as those caused by epilepsy.

Ultimately, a neurological disorder can affect every function of the human body, some more seriously than others.

What are the most common neurological-mental disorders?
There are many neurological-mental disorders, which include:

  • ADD, ADHD, and learning problems
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis

Dr. Patel specializes in the aforementioned disorders in particular, because of the role the environment may play in their onset and progression:

Parkinson’s disease

This degenerative disease affects the neurons that produce dopamine in your brain from exposure to environmental toxins over a long duration. The condition may manifest many years after the exposure, and it becomes difficult to establish a cause-and-effect relationship. Parkinson’s gets progressively worse, often starting out as a slight tremor and eventually leading to a loss of mobility and balance. The symptoms may progress at varying rates from one person to another and affect them in slightly different ways.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS can strike at almost any age and directly affects your nerves. With MS, your body’s immune system attacks the protective covering of your nerves, leading to their deterioration. MS usually comes and goes in what’s called a relapsing-remitting course.

How are neurological disorders treated?
Neurological diseases are extremely hard to treat because so little is known about many of them. If you’ve been frustrated with the care you’re getting, Dr. Patel offers renewed hope and understanding of your issues because of her extensive training in the area.

To start, Dr. Patel performs a comprehensive evaluation including a thorough physical examination and investigation, including:

  • A brain scan to check for neurotoxin exposure
  • Lab tests
  • Neurological tests, including nerve conduction studies
  • Many of the other tests listed above

She also spends some time reviewing your environment, both present and past, in the hunt to find the trigger of your disease.

Once she has a handle on your problem, she works with you every step of the way to mitigate your environment to reduce further exposure to potentially harmful neurotoxins. Dr. Patel also helps slow the progression of your neurological disorder through appropriate therapies. In all of Dr. Patel’s treatments, her goal is to find long-lasting solutions that allow you to regain your quality of life.

If you want an understanding and thorough doctor at your side, call EHC Buffalo or use the online scheduler to make an appointment.


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