Prolotherapy is a procedure that reconstructs joints, ligaments  and tendons weekend by trauma or arthritis. It is a non – surgical treatment which stimulates healing of the injured or degenerated area. Through a series of precise injections, the doctor stimulates  an inflammatory response. This is the body’s signal to being the natural healing process.  Prolotherapy is unique, in that it uses the body’s built – in healing mechanisms, allowing it to repair the injured musculoskeletal tissue. When  ligaments and tendons are stretched, torn or  fragmented, they become hyper  – mobile and painful. The body’s  natural response to this type  of injury is inflammation,  which signals the body that  there is an  injury that needs repairing. The body  responds by s ending specialized  white blood cells, fibroblasts  and growth factors which help  to remove debris and  ultimately, repair  tissue and lay down new  collagen, the supporting  structure for our tendons  and ligaments. Rather than fighting this  natural process and suppressing  the inflammation, Prolotherapy uses it.  With a series of precise  injections into the damaged  areas the doctor will  stimulate an inflammatory response,  therefore signaling the body to  begin the ‘healing cascade’. We are  using the body’s own systems  and natural functions to promote not  only permanent pain relief, but  re – growth and healing, as  well. Prolotherapy has the unique ability  to treat not only  the pain, but the cause  of the pain. This results in permanent  stabilization of the joint and,  therefore, an end to pain  and weakness –  all without drugs, surgery, scar  tissue, anesthesia or side effects