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Terry G.

I would recommend Dr. Patel without hesitation. My teenage daughter suddenly became ill and then got progressively worse over the course of ten months. She was so ill she could not attend school regularly and was not functioning normally. We saw many doctors and specialists in our area, and no one was able to find the problem. Even trips to both the Cleveland and Mayo Clinics didn’t result in an accurate diagnosis. Finally, we went to see Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel uses a scientific approach for diagnosis and then devises a personal treatment plan based on her extensive experience. Within one week of treatment, my daughter started to feel better. She continued to improve under Dr. Patel’s care and is now 100% better. If you are not getting the answers to what is plaguing you or someone you love, see Dr. Patel. Our family is grateful we did.

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Catherine C.

After being sent on a physical and emotional rollercoaster due to puzzling health problems I have finally found care from Dr. Patel. If you have a concern about your health but aren’t getting anywhere with primary doctors I highly recommend you visit Dr. Patel.

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Susan A.

I finally found my way to Dr. Patel after having seen dozens of medical specialists over the course of a decade who couldn’t identify the cause of my sudden and progressively deteriorating health. Dr. Patel was able to provide both a diagnosis and treatment. Her wealth of experience allowed her to expertly navigate me through all of the health complications that arose from having a chronic infection. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Patel – I only wish I had done so sooner!

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Rachel A.

I’ve been seeing doctor Patel for over a year now, and she remains the only doctor who I am excited to see. Dr. Patel practices treatments that no other doctor has offered, and as a result of her treatments (like neural therapy) I am able to leave her office feeling better than when I walked in. I am able to be in less pain, and take less pharmaceutical pain medications after Dr. Patel’s treatments. Before seeing Dr. Patel I was unable to attend my classes, after regular treatments I have been able to return to taking classes at university. I truly believe Dr. Patel saved my life, the path to better health is a slow and uphill battle, but she has given me a renewed sense of hope for my future. I feel very fortunate that I found Dr. Patel and I am finally on the right path to better health through her guidance and care.

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Amy W.

I’ve found Dr. Patel to be very bright and well versed and in environmental factors that make some of us very sick and alternative treatments to help make you better. It is costly so it’s important to raise money for treatment. She now does stems cells and ozone therapies. Both of these treatments have helped me and I hope will continue to help me. Once you get to know Dr. Patel you will find her to be kind and caring. Unfortunately it will take time for the FDA to approve the much needed tests and care for environmental medicine. For me mainstream medicine has not helped and I would’ve only died. I hope to have the chance to see environmental medicine become mainstream care because everyone has the right to be healthy.

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Isabella L.

Dr Patel is very thorough! She took the time to do a very detailed history and to look at the whole picture of my health problems.

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N B.

I have been misdiagnosed for 10 years, Dr. Patel was able to diagnose my Lyme disease when various other environmental doctors around the U.S were not. Dr. Patel’s dedication, compassion, and knowledge has saved my life. We have started to do STEM cell treatment and as my husband said ” It is like she had an awakening”. Stem cell is giving me, my life back. I am grateful for Dr. Patel, and urge anyone that is reading this to call Dr. Patel if too are looking for answers or another approach. Thank you Dr. Patel.

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J M.

I had food allergies for years, I went to multiple doctors, and tried various treatments, but nothing seemed to work. I had brain fog, headaches, stomach upset. Sometimes it was hard to tell what it was I ate that was causing all the symptoms. I tried various kinds of diets to try and figure it out. Dr. Patel recommended a treatment plan to heal my gut and to do LDA. The LDA was a game changer for me I am not able to eat a variety of foods. My quality of life has improved thanks to Dr. Patel.

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Hi, my name is Garrett, I am 35 years old, perfectly healhty young man.In October of 2020-few months ago I started to feel numbness in my left side from the waist down. At first I thought it might be some sort of a pinched nerve, so I went to see my primary doctor. He could not figure out exactly what was wrong with me, so he sent me to the specialist at neurological institute who ordered an MRI on my brain, which I had done in mid-November. After reviewing the MRI, I was told that there were multiple lesions on my brain and I was diagnosed me with MS-Multiple sclerosis on the spot. I was immediately sent to receive 3 days of heavy steroid infusions to help with the symptoms. I felt worse after the steroid treatment.
In the following weeks, I had developed even more numbness, this time on both sides, left side was worse than the right side, from the waist down. I had difficulty with walking and with bodily functions due to the lack of feeling. I was sent by dent for a second MRI in mid-December on my spine which showed even more lesions on my lower spinal cord. The doctors at the-neurological Institute suggested a lifetime treatment plan of infusions every 6 months for the rest of my life.
Upon hearing the severity of the treatment, I looked for a second opinion. I soon reached out to Dr.Patel through my mother who had first seen Doctor Patel over 30 years ago. During my first visit with Dr.Patel on 22 nd December, through her line of questioning, were you bitten by a tick ?/ I recalled, over the summer in June I had a tick bite. She suggested that Lyme disease is a possibility and probably be what was causing my symptoms. I had forgotten about this incident and never put two and two together. It was a clinical diagnosis as my Lyme test was negative, done by the neurologist. I was told that negative Lyme test commonly occurs in more than 30% of patients suffering from Lyme disease. Dr.Patel suggested Peptide and Intravenous antibiotic treatment as it was my neurological system that was affected. Oral antibiotics does not penetrate brain to treat infection. She suggested to start antibiotic infusions along with special peptide treatment that would help to bring down the inflammation and relieve my symptoms. Over the next couple weeks of infusions I also received Oxygen ozone treatment, nutritional IVs, hyperbaric oxygen, whole body laser treatment and various other treatments. My symptoms started to diminish and after two weeks I was about 50% better. My numbness had greatly subsided and I was feeling better overall. Although I was approved for the long term treatment suggested by Dent neurological, I stuck with Dr.Patel's plan because of all the positive results I was experiencing. It has now been a month since my first treatments with Dr.Patel Currently, my symptoms have diminished by about 80% and I am feeling much better overall.

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Hi, my name is Debbie, I am 68 years old. I was healthy most of my life until I developed allergies around age 50. I suffered from runny nose. sinus congestion. skin rashes and itchy skin. I was allergic to many things in the environment. Then I developed food allergies. I went to see Dr Patel since my husband was her patient and he did so well. She was able to diagnose and treat me for environmental and food allergies. I was doing fairly well under Dr. Patel's care until I had multiple courses of antibiotics for urinary tract infection due to kidney stones which required surgery for removal. Then one day I developed very gaseous, bloody diarrhea and bloating. I was seen by my Dr. and a GI specialist. After many tests I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. My doctor initially treated me with cortisone which worked but was not able to continue for a long time due to the side effects. So I tried several other oral medications but they were of little or no benefit to me. The diarrhea was so bad that I had 8-10 bowel movements per day. I had one every time I ate. I was asked to eat small amounts at a time. I continued to remain sick for a long time until I was able to travel to Buffalo. After traveling to Buffalo to see Dr. Patel she recommended skin testing followed by an immune vaccine. I showed great improvement within 24-48 hours of getting the immune vaccine. My BM frequency, urgency and Needing got better and I started having normal bowel movements. A few weeks later I required another dose of the immune vaccine and I improved immediately. Then with the emotional stress of getting the Covid 19 vaccine I had increased in BM frequency but no bleeding and no diarrhea. Within one week I became normal again. I also get Peptide treatment to help my gut inflammation and my food allergies. I am on probiotics, organic food and am able to function more normally. Now I am free of gas. bloating and intense diarrhea. I am so happy that I now can go out without first looking for the bathroom and am so thankful for this excellent new treatment of personalized food vaccine, special immune vaccine and peptide treatment that turned around my life. Thank God for the help which I am so grateful to have received.